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The Group

This band was recorded live on Sept 13,1986

Track List:
1. Jo-Ann's Green Satin Dress (Butch Morris) arrangement by Billy Bang
2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Charlie Mingus) arrangement by Marion Brown
3. La Placita (Marion Brown)
4. The Shift Below (Billy Bang)
5. Amanpondo (Miriam Makeba) arrangement by Ahmed Abdullah

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet
Marion Brown- alto saxophone
Billy Bang - violin
Sirone - bass
Fred Hopkins - bass
Andrew Cyrille - drums

"Sans Souci" (MP3)

"Tara's Song" (MP3)

"Iko Iko" (MP3)

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Tara's Song
Ahmed Abdullah's Ebonic Tones

Track List:
1. Sans Souci
2. Lonely Woman
3. Tara's Song
4. Nothing But Love
5. Tapestry from an Asteroid
6. Blue Monk
7. Fate in a Pleasant Mood
8. The Cave
9. Iko Iko

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpets, vocals
Alex Harding - baritone saxophone
Billy Bang - violin
Alex Blake - bass
Andrei Strobert - drums

"They Plan"
(Dedicated to David Baker)

"Love In Outerspace" (MP3)

"Enlightenment" (MP3)

"This is music that conveys a deep sincerity. Bands like this one might well be able to keep not only Sun Ra’s memory—but all that is good about jazz—alive."
Rico Cleffi

Traveling The Spaceways
Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersions of the Spirit of RA

Track List:
1. We Travel the Spaceways
2. 21st Century part 1
3. 21st Century part 2
4. 21st Century part 3
5. Dancing Shadows
6. Love in Outerspace
7. Enlightenment
8. East of Uz
9. New Horizons
10. They Plan - dedicated to David Baker

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet, vocals
Billy Bang - violin
Craig Harris - trombone
Salim Washington - tenor sax
Alex Harding - barritone sax
Owuor Arunga - trumpet
Masujaa - guitar
Radu Oluwu Ben Judah - bass
Cody Moffett - drums
Monique Ngozi Nri - vocals, poetry
Miles Griffith - vocals
Louis Reyes Rivera - poetry

"Song of Time" (RA)

"Chippie" (RA)

"Ad Hoc Ism" (RA)

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NAM Live at the Vision Festival

Track List:
1. Chippie
2. Song of Time
3. Ad Hoc Ism
4. Introduction
5. Serenade for Marion Brown
6. Canto II

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpets, vocals
Alex Harding - baritone saxphone
Masa Kamaguchi - bass
Jimmy Weinstein - drums

Actual Proof

Track List:
1. Magwalandini
2. Blues for Barbara Jean
3. Sketch
4. Naima
5. Song of Tenderness
6. Song of Time
7. Shaka Zulu

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpets, vocals
Alex Harding - baritone sax
Masa Kamaguchi - bass
Jimmy Weinstein - drums

"Deja's View" (RA)

"Song of Love" (RA)

Diaspora Dedication (CIMP 152)

Track List:
1. Amanpondo
2. Brazil One
3. Song of the Force
4. Deja's View
5. Song of the Holy Warrior
6. La Vie En Rose
7. Song of Love
8. I'll Be Seeing You
9. Song of the Force take 2

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpets
Carlos Ward - saxophone
Masujaa - guitar
Alex Blake - bass
Cody Moffett - drums

Liquid Magic (SHCD104)
The Ahmed Abdullah Quartet

Track List:
1. Mayibue
2. Reflections on a Mystic
3. Ebony Queen
4. Mystery of Two
5. Liquid Magic / The Ruler
6. Walk with God
7. The Ruler (Take 2)
8. Ebony Queen (Take 2)

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet, fluegelhorn, piano
Charles Brackeen - tenor saxophone
Malachi Favors - bass
Alvin Fielder - drums

"African Songbird" (RA)

"Wishbone Suite" (RA)

Ahmed Abdullah's Solomonic Quintet featuring Charles Moffett

Track List:
1. African Songbird
2. Gypsy Lady
3. The Search
4. Canto II
5. Khaluma
6. The Dance We Do
7. Wishbone Suite
8. The Dance We Do

Ahmed Abdullah-trumpet, fluegelhorn, voice
David S. Ware - tenor saxophone, stritch
Masuhjaa - guitar
Fred Hopkins - bass
Charles Moffett - drums

Abdullah Life's Force (AT-1001)

Track List:
1. Eternal Spiralling Spirit
2. Assunta
3. Quude
4. Song of Tenderness
5. A Longtime Black
6. Life's Force

Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet
Vincent Chancey - french horn
Muneer Abdul Fatah - cello
Jay Hoggard - vibraphone
Jerome Hunter - bass
Rashied Sinan - drums

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