Coming Events:

January -Trumpet and Piano Month
Saturday, January 10th Philip Harper
Saturday, January 17th Organ Monk ( A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)
Saturday, January 24th Onaje Alan Gumbs
Saturday, January 31st Ed Stoute

February-African-American History Month Celebrations
Saturday,February 7th Afro-Horns (A Tribute to Henry Dumas)
Saturday,February 14th Andrew Lamb (Black Love!)
Saturday February 21st Rachim Ausar Sahu (Malcolm X's Legacy, 50 Years)
Saturday, February 28th Cecil Bridgewater (Stories about the Music)

March-Women's History Month
Saturday, Mach 7th The Golden Voice of Mali, Awa Sangho
Saturday, March 14th TBA
Saturday, March 21st TBA
Saturday, March 28th TBA

April-The Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival
Saturday, April 4th Bluiett
Saturday, April 11th Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora
Saturday, April18th Akua Dixon
Saturday, April 25th Derrick Barker(In Tribute to his Mentors Roy Ayers and Bobby Hutcherson)

May-AfricanLiberation Month
Saturday, May 2nd Robert Rutledge
(A Tribute to Lee Morgan)
Saturday, May 9th TK Blue
Saturday, May 16th Alan Palmer
(Malcolm X's, Legacy Years On)
Saturday, May 23rd Dwight West (A Tribute to Amiri Baraka)
Saturday, May 30th The New Cookers-featuring Kenyatta Beasley and Keith Loftis
Saturday, June 6th Winard Harper, (Birthday Celebration!)

  • Sistas' Place, 456 Nostrand Avenue, at the corner of Jefferson Avenue, where Jazz A Music of the Spirit Lives and Culture is our Weapon, presents its April, National Jazz Appreciation Month offerings with Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora (Dispersions of the Spirit of Ra) featuring young saxophone sensation Rafael Statin, pianist D.D. Jackson, bassist Radu, drummer Reggie Nicholson and vocalist/poet Monique Ngozi Nri. In April 1975, Ahmed Abdullah performed his first concert with Sun Ra at the East on 10 Claver Place. 40 years later he is teaching the music of Sun Ra (whose centennial is still being celebrated), to elementary school children at PS 3, a block away from the East and teaching the philosophy and music of Sun Ra to students like Rafael Statin at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Sistas' Place, where Abdullah has been the Music Director for the last 17 years, is a block away from both PS 3 and The East. Come celebrate these milestones and connections with us this Saturday, April 11th at 9 and 10:30pm, with some great music from the Diaspora!
    Don't Miss This!
    Admission to Sistas' Place is $20 in advance (call 718-398-1766) and $25 at the door.

    Ahmed is featured, along with musician/composers, Wadada Leo Smith, William Parker, Dave Burrell, Oliver Lake, Milford Graves, Henry Threadgill and many many more, in a recently published book by Garrison Fewell :

    A recording by Frank Lowe from 1974 was recently issued in 2014 on Triple Point Records. Ahmed takes a solo on one track:

    In July, 2014 Ahmed was featured at a Salon organized by the Vision Festival (Patricia, William and Mariam Parker). The whole performance can be seen on Youtube:

    Ahmed is approaching his 17th year as Music Director at Sistas' Place as that institution celebrates, in September 2015, it's 20th year of presenting great music in the community of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

    Sistas' Place, 456 Nostrand Avenue at the corner of Jefferson Avenue, where Jazz A Music of the Spirit Lives and Culture is our Weapon, presents a powerful 20th season celebration! Each month throughout this winter and spring season some of the great cultural warriors of the music will both present and give tribute to the past, present, and future of this art form.

    Highlights include a January festival of groups led by a trumpeter andkeyboard artist namely a group led by Philip Harper, and groups led by Organ Monk, Onaje Alan Gumbs, Ed Stoute.

    African American History Month is even more significant this year because it is the 50th year of the assassination of Malcolm X and therefore we will feature two different perspectives on his legacy in February by Rachim Ausar Sahu and in May by Alan Palmer. Andrew Lamb reminds us of the importance of Black Love in this time when the chant is Black Lives Matter! The Afro Horns give homage to writer Henry Dumas, a contemporary of Sun Ra and contributor to the history and literature of Africans in America. Master trumpeter and storyteller, Cecil Bridgewater tells riveting stories about his encounters with the greats in this music.

    For March, Women's History Month, the Golden Voice of Mali, Awa Sangho will open the month with other amazing talents to be announced.

    April is the 16th Annual Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival and Sistas' Place looks back on the Loft Jazz History with groups led by Bluiett and Ahmed Abdullah, looks at the present with Akua Dixon and the future with Derrick Barker.

    The last month for Sistas' Place is May, African Liberation Month and the artists lined up include Organ Monk, TK Blue, Alan Palmer and The New Cookers who will all present concerts aligned with the theme of African Liberation Month. Vocalist Dwight West will also present a Tribute to his Brother in Law, the great Amiri Baraka in the month of May.

    Admission to Sistas' Place is $20 in advance (call 718-398-1766) and $25 at the door.

  • Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora at Sistas' Place
    Saturday, May 10, 2014 -- 9:00 & 10:30 p.m.

    Sistas' Place
    56 Nostrand Ave
    New York, NY 11216
    (718) 398-1766

    $20 with reservations and $25 at the door.

    Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora (Alex Harding, baritone sax, D.D. Jackson, piano, Radu, bass, Reggie Nicholson, drums, Monique Ngozi Nri, poetry and vocals and TC the III, vocals) performs at Sistas' Place 456 Nostrand Avenue on May 10th@ 9 and 10:30pm.

    This performance will celebrate Ahmed's own Arrival Day aka Birthday which is on that day and 2014 is also the year of Sun Ra's Centennial Celebration which will be on May 22nd. Mr. Abdullah performed trumpet and vocals with the Sun Ra Arkesstra under Sun Ra's leadership for a span of 22 years. The band Diaspora (Dispersions of the Spirit of Ra) combines music from the African Diaspora along with the music of Sun Ra.

    Sun Ra left the planet in 1993 and left a great legacy. Among the things he left was a really really special approach to music making and a philosophy about life. Ahmed Abdullah has been teaching Sun Ra's music and philosophy to students at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music since 2002.

    With this semester's group of students he will do two other performances in May to celebrate Sun Ra's Centennial: May 1s@t 9pm@55 West 13th Street, 5th Floor, Admission is free. The other performance is at Shapeshifter Lab, 18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 11th with two shows: 6:15 to 7pm and 7:20 until 8:05. For information (646) 820-9452.

    The New School Sun Ra Ensemble directed by Ahmed Abdullah with surprise guests!

    Sagi Kaufman, alto sax, Nathan Bellott, alto sax, Zhibai (Brian) Qu, tenor sax, Marshall Rauh, trombone, Alex Plye, bass, Joseph Palmer, drums and Yuima Enya vocals.

  • Read Interview with Ahmed Abdullah in the May 2014 Issue of The New York City Jazz record

  • NoBusiness Records will release a recording of The Melodic Art-Tet (Ahmed Abdullah, Charles Brackeen, William Parker, and Roger Blank) in March, 2013. The recording is from a 1974 live radio broadcast and is the only recording ever released by this ensemble.

  • Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora featuring Ahmed Abdullah on trumpet and vocals Alex Harding baritone sax and vocals, D.D. Jackson on piano, Radu on bass, Reggie Nicholson on drums and Monique Ngozi Nri poetry and vocals, will perform at For My Sweet, 1103 Fulton Street, Brooklyn New York, Monday October 22nd@ 7 and 9 pm.

  • Last Saturday the family went up to Northampton Mass to celebrate Governor Deval Patrick's proclamation of September 15 as being Marion Brown Day in Massachusetts! What a great event that was. We met Djinji, Marion's son, Rick Jeffrey who had a record label Sweet Earth Records in the 70s and who was mentored by Marion Brown and who I have not seen for 30 years. Rick Jeffrey also had the vision to record Ed Blackwell's first recording as leader in 1979. This was never released.

  • I had reunion with Dianne McIntyre after not performing with her for 30 year. She was celebrating her 40th year as a choreographer and one of my compositions Life's Force, she chose to use for the occasion. She had organized dancers who had worked with over the years and got 21 of them to do this piece. I used a quartet featuring baritone saxophonist Alex Harding (fresh from a rerun of FELA) guitarist Kwatei Jones and drummer Reggie Nicholson.

  • We performed Thursday, September 6th and Saturday, September 8th at the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater on west 55th Street. For the Saturday performance Veronika Nowag-Jones wife of Sirone came to town from Berlin and made the show. She was able to pick up a check for the upcoming release of a recording I did with Sirone 26 years ago when we were part of collective known as The Group. Marion Brown, Billy Bang, Fred Hopkins, Andrew Cyrille and I are also on that recording.

  • Veronika brought me a copy of a 39 minute film I did with Sirone, Kalaparusha, and Rashied Sinan that was done in 1983 at the Village Gate and filmed with four cameramen plus Teppei (who had filmed work with Miles Davis). I had never seen the film before and it is extraordinary! An excerpt for Youtube and/or the website is probably in order.

  • Our daughter got accepted to Mark Twain Middle School for the Gifted and Talented in Coney Island and she began school on September 6th.We all get up at 5am because she gets on the bus at 6:15 am. She gets door to door service for a fee.

  • The recording of The Group was supposed to come out in September but it's been delayed until December, 2012. My friend, Jerry Greenberg's lady Desdemone Bardin, who was a fantastic photographer, found prints from the rehearsal for the performance that are great and were not developed until August of this year! Jerry and his son Sebastian published a book of Desdemone's photographs they call Jazz Zooms.

  • Throughout the summer I worked on the liner notes for The Group's recording and the first recording they (No Business Records) contacted me about a 1974 recording of The Melodic Art-Tet which is a band with Roger Blank, Charles Brackeen, William Parker and I. This band also has never had any recording issued. NoBusiness Records is based in Lithuania.

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    • Jazz: A Music of the Spirit
      written by Ahmed Abdullah and Louis Reyes Rivera and Monique Ngozi Nri
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    • The Lingering Effects of Segregation in Elementary Education: What do we do about it?
      written by Ahmed Abdullah
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    • Jazztimes Overdue Ovations
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